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Quickly and simply assess a property and its potential uses.

Basic report

Our basic report provides the headline details of a property including its size, current property use, zoning, and a view of surrounding properties.

Basic reports are on screen only.
Basic Reports are purchased on a per report basis.

Advanced Report

Our advanced report provides the basic report data plus detailed information such as Council Services, Flood and Fire overlays and school catchment areas.

Advanced reports can be purchased per report or by a monthly subscription if you will need multiple reports.



Why use PropertyScope

Town Planning rules and regulations regarding properties are complex to understand and navigate. We aim to give you all the information you need to make informed initial decisions.

PropertyScope is available in Queensland and will be launching soon in Victoria and New South Wales.

Make informed decisions

PropertyScope provides  simple, intuitive digital property reports to help property buyers make informed decisions about the purchase and future development of a property.

Reduces cost and risk

PropertyScope allows users to engage property professionals, such as town planners, on an informed basis – reducing the time and cost of such engagements.

What is included in the different reports

Detailed property specific information
Sales history data
Latest aerial imagery
Contour mapping
School catchment areas
Zoning Map, Town Planning & Council information
Council asset locations (sewerage, water, etc)
List of Uses Council will allow
Development applications lodged nearby
Town Planning Overlay Mapping
Flood Hazard & Bushfire Hazard Mapping

$19.99/ per report

Purchase report

$49.99 / per report

Purchase report

Property Scope is a product wholly owned by Spatial Hub Analytics Pty and is a registered trademark and brand. It has been developed using data from Spatial Hub to meet the needs of  individuals, small property developers, real estate agents, providing the core information required to assess a property, its opportunities and risks.

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